14 March 2009

Brazilian-style ice cream Part II

Sorry about the long delay in new posts here at lifewithriceandbeans, but as life would have it I have been much occupied with a full-time work and school schedule. Now that I have given a good excuse I will make a sad attempt to compensate for my absence by writing this short, pseudo-blog to tide you over till I have time to write a proper one. Here goes...

Is that CORN in the picture above? Yep, a corn and cream popsicle has now been added to my top 5 list of fabulously-strange-yet-tasty frozen treats! This local company makes other, more traditionally tropical flavors like pineapple, papaya, guava, toasted coconut, and mango, as well as watermelon, açaí with guaraná, maracujá (mah-dah-koo-zhah) or Brazilian passion fruit and in the photo below, an Amazon fruit known for its health properties called cupuaço (koo-poo-ah-soo), and some cream/chocolate combo named "mini-skirt!"
It's the end of Summer here so a cool ice cream hits the spot on steamy days. But you are stuck in the depths of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, you are thinking. Now is not the time for cold food! Come on-do you not have central heating? Trick your hibernating brain into thinking it is time to come out of the cave and whip together some canned corn, heavy cream, sugar, maybe a little cinnamon, and freeze the mixure in ice trays with sticks. YUM!!!!!